Help! It’s on Fire!

I love cartoons. They’re crazy and can easily stretch the story. The story behind the picture, is slightly different from the picture.

Several of my siblings and I were playing volleyball one evening and my one brother was checking to see if the hay was dry enough to bale. To check the moisture content, he stuck it in a microwave and zapped it… and then I don’t know what. So, we were outside playing, when my brother came hurrying out of the farm shop, set something on the ground behind his cattle trailer and grabbed the hose and started spraying full bore at it. An enormous cloud of smoke and steam ascended from behind the trailer.

“Um, is everything all right?” another brother called to him.

“Yeah, I guess I left the hay in the microwave a minute too long.” Came the calm reply.

It wasn’t til later, that I found out that the hay had started smoldering and so he quickly carried it out side and grabbed the hose. When he turned around, flames were leaping three feet high from the small pile of “dried” hay. Yes, it was dry enough… and maybe a little extra that time?!

My observation: Hay is livestock food. Microwaves are made to heat human food. Microwaves dislike hay. Hay catches fire when touched by brotherly lab technicians. 😀

“Help! its on fire!”

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