His Peace

The following poem is my story of my dear Savior’s Love, redemption, and grace. There are so many hurting people that look fine on the outside, but inwardly are crumbling to their very core. It happens to all of us at some time or other. And it is only Jesus that can truly heal us and bring us the peace we yearn for. It doesn’t come from going to church or living as good as possible in your own strength. His peace comes when we ask for it out of a sincere heart.

His Peace

In a cold empty room,

In a rugged old chair,

It felt as tho my life was crumbling,

I couldn’t go on from there.

Lifting my face,

I looked towards the sky,

And with furrowed brow,

I asked God, “Why?”

“You’ve worked on your own.”

Came the whispered reply,

“Come to me and rest,

On Me you can rely.”

So with tear stained cheeks

And with life torn apart,

I gave all to Him

From the depths of my heart.

It was then that I felt His love.

In me.

Around me.

With me.

I knew He was there,

To comfort and care for,

To guide and protect.

My grief He gladly bore.

His peace washed over my heart,

Like an ocean’s wave.

With His Truth,

I could now be brave.

Dear Friend,

This can be for you too,

No matter how big your trials,

He’s longing to give You…

…HIS Peace!

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