Why I’m Thankful

A guest post by my amazing sister, Kara.

Autumn is such a glorious time of year, the brilliant colors, the bright blue sky, the cool mornings. It always puts me in a fall mood, and reminds me of the upcoming fall holiday, Thanksgiving! That one time of year that we actually take the time to think about what we are thankful for.

This fall I was thinking about the one thing that I am the most thankful for. I am very grateful to the person who does the things for me that I cannot possibly do  myself. Someone who doesn’t just love me when I’m looking good, but is there to help in the messy areas of life. That person is Jesus.

Why I'm Thankful

We all love when we have life all together and when Thanksgiving comes around we thank God with a glowing face for how good he is to us. Then life falls apart, a loved one dies, you lose a job, or life looks bleak and discouraging. We struggle to do what is right and keep falling, or maybe life just doesn’t make sense. We realize that we can’t do life alone. Things didn’t go according to our well laid out plans. We yell at God for not caring. The truth is, that is exactly why he came to earth. He knew that we want to live in a perfect world, but we can’t do it ourselves. He knew the broken places of our lives that needed redeeming. So He left heaven and came to earth to help us and give us the power to live a righteous life; to be able to go to the perfect heaven when our imperfect life is over.

God is the almighty King of the world. He has the power to require anything of us and we’d have to comply. He has the power to do anything to us that he wishes. But Jesus did not come to be a dictator. He did not come because he wanted to control our lives and tell us how we have to do everything from how to decorate the house, to how much to smile, or how to comb our hair, etc… Nor to give us a difficult way of life and then sit back and watch us struggle alone. For some reason, God looked on us in love and compassion, and came to help us where we couldn’t do it on our own.

He saw our futile attempts, our broken lives, the deepest secrets of our hearts. He saw our need, our desire to be complete and good, that we couldn’t be righteous on our own. So he came and endured rejection, scorn, beating, humiliation, and then died, carrying each of your sins and my sins on his own self. He did it all because he loves us.

He came and gave us the power to be righteous through his strength, to make us complete in him. He is here to heal the broken places in our life where we don’t know where to turn. Life won’t be perfect, there will be heartache and trials, persecution and discouragement, but at the end there is absolute perfection awaiting us if we accept his love and forgiveness and live for him.

This Thanksgiving I am incredibly awed and grateful to my Savior God; the reason for all the other things I’m thankful for. I’m thankful for his blessings. I’m thankful for his guidance. I’m thankful that though all the stormy times of life he has always and will always be there. Most of all I’m thankful that he loves me and he loves you.

4 thoughts on “Why I’m Thankful

  1. Beautiful beautiful post Kara! Thanks so much for writing it! And I hope I get to meet you and Melody both in person some day! You’re always more than welcome to come to Kansas!


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