What to do About a Drab Christmas

“Why is Christmas so drab this year?” 12 year old Kenny asked his mom in a whiny way as he snitched an apple from the bowl on the table.

“I didn’t know it was any more drab than other years,” said 14 year old Melinda. “I kinda get tired of how boring it is. All except,” she added quickly, “The Christmas dinner and presents.”

“Yeah,” Kenny agreed. “Last year I got a BB gun! That was so cool!”

“And that’s what your problem is,” Mom stated in her kind way.

“What?” Both of her children stared at her with puzzlement.

“You see, your attitude has been all about, ‘what can I get from Christmas?’. In life in general, if you have a me, me, me attitude and constantly are seeing what you can personally benefit, you will be a very discontented person. Christmas is no different. In fact, it is a time set in place, that we may have a reminder to do good for others, because that is how God wants us to act.” Mom brushed her forehead in the way that she always did when she was coming up with a new thought. “I have an idea for you two. We have one week til Christmas. I challenge you to find one thing to do each day to bless someone else. Even if it means going out of your way to do it.”

I invite you to join me in this challenge:

To do at least one thing everyday that will be a blessing to someone else. Maybe it would be sending a cheery card to an old or distant friend, doing a chore for another sibling, or even giving an extra dose of kindness to the words you choose to speak.

It is always so warming when you know that you have blessed someone else. If you succeed (and even if you don’t), I would love to hear from you below! What did you do and do you have any ideas to share?

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