A Life Lesson From Art

Since beginning to draw, in November 2015, I have continued to enjoy drawing portraits every now and then. I’m continually refining and changing my technique; sometimes drastically between portraits. It’s fun and I love it, yes, even all the hours and hours and hours spent at my desk because of it… they’re fun too!

Recently, I realized that there is something important that we can learn from drawing. And it’s this: taking everything step by step.

If I were to start working on a picture and try to

At my desk; the piece I’m working on.

do everything at once, I would be overwhelmed, hate it, and the piece would turn out less than desirable (if it would ever be completed in the first place!). I simply cannot draw that way. I start with what I’m most inspired to do; maybe something simple, like the ears. From there I can go on and do teeny section by teeny section till finally, I realize that it’s almost done! And most times after a picture is complete, I look at the picture and think, “How on earth did I draw that? It’s way above my skill level!” And it is, unless I break it down into bitty chunks.

I believe that life is much the same way. It’s a fact: You can’t do every thing at once. It’s as simple and as complicated as that! So let’s face this. If you are ending up with a disaster because you’re taking on too many projects at one time, you’ve got to become a wise manager of your time. Okay, that sounds boring. But it’s not. Promise.

I encourage you sit down and write a list of all the things you want/need to do. Then break it down from there. Maybe do only a couple of the items on your list per day. Whatever you do, find what works best for your lifestyle.

Baby Steps

For some of you, though, you may feel that not much is happening in your life. You feel like life is going nowhere at all. You wish something big would just happen and, voila! Life would be more interesting. I’m sorry, it’s highly unlikely that’s going to happen, unless… you continue to work with what you’ve got. Sometimes the baby steps are part of laying a foundation for something more interesting later on. Like art, the sketch is never pretty and generally looks really weird! Learn to trust God in the slumps and continue asking him to guide you. Don’t let the valleys make you discouraged! There’s so much right around you just waiting for you, but only if you are willing to take the baby steps to get there!

And Lastly,

Learn to trust God in whatever he has for you. He can see into the future; you can’t. Ask Him to guide you, he won’t let you down! Dig into your Bible. You’ll find so many ways to do meaningful things for God right now! Little things like being a little more gracious or sharing a smile can make a difference in someone else’s life that impacts them. Ready to try? Great! Ready, set… Go!

2 thoughts on “A Life Lesson From Art

  1. Very, Very good, Melody. You are doing a wonderful job and it is wonderful to see and hear you giving Jesus the glory. Keep up the good work.


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