The 2 Types of People Who Make the World What it Is

Same auction, two different ladies. Two ways to impact others. Which one are you?

Example 1.

I was at an auction bidding on a small box lot. I was quickly out bid. So, walking over to the lady who had bought the box I asked her if she wanted the two small items that I had wanted. “No.” she snorted. I wondered if I might have them for a few dollars. It was a fair price, and it is a common thing done at this particular auction. “No, I’m not selling them!” She said with a snorting laugh, barely taking the time to glance at me like I might be a two headed frog. Then turning to the lady beside her, she said in a low voice, “She wanted them for two dollars!” In a tone that suggested that I was a little stupid. They both laughed to themselves. I was insulted.

Example 2.

Later on in the day, at the same auction, I was bidding on a different box lot. It again went too high. The lady who bought it, picked it up and came over to me saying, “I only wanted this (a pottery bird), was there something else you wanted?” I smiled and pointed at the few items that I had had my eye on. “Come over here.” She said with a smile. She walked over to a more empty table, and set the box down. She suggested a price and I agreed. She was so gracious, and her personality was bubbly and cheerful. She was such a sweet older lady, and I instantly felt happier.

See any difference?

I was instantly struck with the difference between these two women. I’m a sensitive person, and when people think I’m stupid, I feel it hard. In fact, it just about ruined the day until… Ms. World Changer waltzed into the picture. I call her that, because that is exactly who the lady in the second example was. Her sweetness just radiated around her and made me feel like smiling. It changed me in a moment.

The examples above, illustrate the two choices we have. We do have to make a choice, and I’m sure you know well what the default is!

I will mention that later, I got a chance to see the  woman’s whole face from example one (I had previously seen her from the side). Though dressed in nice cloths and make-up with a fancy perm, her eyes were absolutely dead. It was painful to see not a slip of life or joy in the otherwise pretty face.

So, what is you’re choice?

Mine, is certainly the second: Have an uplifting attitude and shine life to those around me and help brighten my corner of the world. No, it’s not going to be easy all the time, but it is worth it!

Will you join me, pal?

Don’t forget to pray and ask God to help you in this feat! You’ll constantly struggle and fail, but don’t give up!

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