The View From My Kitchen Window

Here lately, it has been feeling like spring in my little corner of Maryland. Fresh mornings, birds singing, geese flying back north, and flowers poking their heads out of the earth accompanied by nice warm weather; all sure signs of spring. In fact, I got tricked into thinking that winter was totally gone and spring had come extremely early this year (and maybe it has). So I guess I was in for a surprise when I looked out the window one morning several days ago and saw snow falling! Yup, my spring dreams will have to wait. 😦

Fortunately, it had rained the night before and the temperatures weren’t freezing so the snow didn’t laying which is cool. It still feels a bit like spring, so I’m not losing hope.

I’m obviously not a person who enjoys long winters! This year has been my cup of tea up ’til now… 😉

Daffodils in the kitchen window with snow falling outside


Aren’t daffodils so pretty? One blossom smells like a whole garden of flowers!