Rebecca – Graphite Portrait

My latest drawing is finally here! I keep telling myself that I need to get all my drawings professionally scanned sometime soon, but it hasn’t happened yet. Thanks to my oldest brother though, I was able to capture this drawing with his DSLR (You can check out his blog here!).

For the fun of it, I’ve added the original picture after the drawing. Can you recognize her?

And for all of you who are wondering who she is and if I know her, I don’t. It’s  a picture I found on a photo website. Her smile is just so sweet, I had to draw it!! 😉 I named her Rebecca and already feel that I know her!

For all of you who wonder how many hairs are on a person’s head, believe me, it’s thousands. Quite literally! 🙂 Doing this picture gave me a glimpse into that fact as I had to apply hundreds of strokes. Quite fun actually.

The drawing…

IMG_0469 (2)

The Original…

Smiling Summer Girl

Kinda crazy how much a picture changes, huh? She looks like the same person (in my humble opinion), but it’s such a different perspective. I like that.

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