Finds From the Old Notebook: God’s Special Kitten

I’ve been writing stories since I was a very little girl. Sometimes I love digging up some of those stories. Some are heartwarming, some are silly, some are awkward, and some… (no description!). Today is one of those days to dig into the my old notebook. And the story I selected to share with you isn’t made up either! It really did happen, and not so many years ago actually, but just the same it is quite heartwarming. AND it’s about a subject that is very dear to me – CATS!

From what information I have, the story was written in December 2015.

God’s Special Kitten

“I wish that stupid Cubby would just get run over sometime.” I mumbled impatiently to Kara (my sister) as I steered the van around the yellow and white kitten that refused to move out of harms way.

“Then why don’t you just do it?” she grinned at me.

“Eew, no!” I wrinkled my nose and shivered.

She laughed at me.

Cubby, the ridiculous kitten, had only four toes on one paw, and never kept himself totally clean. Yet, he was a cheerful little thing that always had a purr to share when you took enough time to reach out and pat his little head. He was of the cuddly sort that absolutely loved attention and would wind himself around the legs of his various masters. For the beginning of his life, Cubby had been a treasured cat to everyone… except me. I always had my own opinion that he may as well have died the day he was born, and I really didn’t know why.

Eventually, as the kitten got older, he discovered the joy of sitting in front of impatient drivers only moving out the way when the approaching car was quite near. People began to take on a different opinion and agree with me.

Several days after the incidence above, I was busy cleaning the house when Mom approached me with a smile.

“I just wanted to let you know that a man and his wife are coming this afternoon to get a cat. It sounded like they may want a yellow cat. Would you mind if they took cubby?”

“No!” I replied with a happy sigh.

When the couple came, mom went out to help them pick out a cat (We only have out door cats). For some silly reason, I wasn’t able to get enough courage to go out there too.

After the couple left, Mom came inside with a smile on her face.

“Well, they took Cubby.”

And then she told us the story that the couple had told her:

“They have a thirty three year old special needs son. They have really wanted a cat for a companion for him, and he’s been praying for one. The wife is a teacher at a library, and one day she had just finished reading a story about a yellow kitty and exclaimed, ‘Oh, I want a fluffy yellow kitten.’ Her friend (one of our customers) said, ‘I held one when I picked up the Thanksgiving turkey!’ And that is how they found their way to our place.”

So Cubby, the detested dirty kitten, turned out to be a really special kitty with a really special purpose after all.


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