Finds From the Old Notebook: The Faith that Saved

For all of you who are just joining the party, Finds From the Old Notebook, is a series of stories I wrote when I was younger that I’ve dug up from the dustbin of history (Okay, okay, I’m really not as old as that sounds). Some are ridiculous, unrealistic, silly, awkward, funny, or… once in a while, real life happenings. So continue reading at your own risk! 😉

I wrote this story as part of a history project in school several years back. It was inspired by the many stories I had read about persecuted Christians.

Setting: Germany; World War II

Please pardon all geographical errors! Most of the places are in Germany, but probably way too far apart for someone who is traveling on foot! Any of my reader’s that are from over there recognize any of the geographical names? 🙂

The Faith that Saved

One day, walking down a street in Germany, was a young, lady by the name of, Sarah H. Herbert. She had recently received Christ as her Savior and was serving him faithfully. All – in – a – sudden, she noticed a stranger up ahead who was obviously a foreigner, looking quickly around him. He acted frightened and lost… or was he, she wasn’t sure.

Upon decision, Sarah went up to the man and politely asked, “Are you looking for someone?”

He looked at her quickly and said, “Yes! I am Mr. Gorger, and well…I’m looking for a certain, Agnes B. Saber. Do you know where she lives?”

Should she say, or should she not? Agnes was not a Jew, and was known, for saying her mind – good or bad. Would she tell the stranger that Sarah was a Jewess? A struggle continued, Germany was at war and things could be dangerous – especially when it was someone that was a foreigner… even if he had been in the country for a while.

The stranger, quickly noticed her hesitation and said, “Don’t worry your pretty head about me, I’m not one of those so called wicked people, -just someone that is looking for a friend in a strange land. However, I understand your hesitation as Germany is at war and I am foreign.”

Sarah was still skeptical, as a Jewess she was wanted by Hitler and his army of Nazis. Fortunate for her, and not for Hitler, she had hazel eyes and brown hair which was not common amongst the Jews.

The stranger seemed to have a different mission than to see friends. Crossing the border was no easy task, and sometimes even impossible – people didn’t cross just to see friends.

She decided to take a chance and take him to the wanted home.

Several days later, as Sarah was finishing washing the dishes, there was a sharp knock on the front door. Upon opening the door, she saw a, Nazi, standing there with two cars on the road behind him.

“Hop in, we need to talk to you.” were his only words.

As Sarah was stepping into the vehicle she recognized the one Nazi, as Mr. Gorger – the man she had seen the other day. So Agnes had told the officer that she was a Jew. She had wondered, but now she had the answer, the man was not there merely to see a friend – but as a spy.

As the cars sped out of town, a sudden inspiration hit her and she started singing, Great Is Thy Faithfulness– it was definitely her wonderful Lord and Messiah speaking through her. The soldiers looked at her in amazement. Here was a young lady, no more than thirty that was singing in the sweetest voice they had heard, singing to a group of Nazis that were capturing her?! The Nazis were obviously moved by the singing, and the driver was driving a bit uncertainly. All of a sudden, the driver suddenly wheeled to the side of the road and told her to get out and quickly! Almost as soon as her feet touched the ground the vehicle started moving away, and as she stood there watching it go, she saw one of the soldiers stick his head out the window and shout back to her, “Don’t worry. No one will try or dare to capture you!”

Tears of joy rolled down her cheeks as she walked the mile to her house.

Several days later, there again was a knock on her front door. When she opened the door, there stood the Nazi that had told on her.

“Run,” He whispered quickly, “run to the woods. Only take a few things with you. There is a band of Nazis coming. They will capture you if you do not run and hide.”

“They’re coming to this remote town, solely to capture me?”

“No,” he replied, “they’re coming to capture all the Jews here in Kassell. I came ahead to tell you.”

With that the man shut the door. Sarah grabbed her Bible, a few precious things, and a change of clothes. She hurriedly stuck the things in a bag, locked the house and ran into the woods. By that time, Sarah could hear the sounds of the Nazis’ feet marching.

She kept on running until a root sent her sprawling. She quickly got up and looked around her self. She knew she was still not safe, as soldiers often searched about a mile back into woods.

Sarah was determined that the Nazis would not find her. She ran on even though there was a throb in her ankle. Finally breathless and ready to drop, she crested a hill over looking her home town. What she saw made her gasp. Nazis were everywhere. She saw Jews being led out of their homes and taken off down the hot dusty trail.

On first thought, Sarah thought that she would go to the little town of Gottingen, but then she realized that that if the Nazis were in her town then they were most likely to be in Gottingen. She instead turned south towards the Westerwald Mountains.

By night fall, Sarah had reached the base of the mountains. She was hungry, but this was a barren land- there was no place to get food. She slept on a bed of pine needles and leaves that night.

The next day Sarah hiked the great Westerwald Mountains. By noon she reached the top. Here the top of the peaks were only about four feet wide. But what a view! She could she the Fulda River, and the town of Fulda. She would have to get there soon.

While Sarah rested, she thought about the times when her family had lived all together.

Now they were all scattered over the land due to the war.

Going down the mountain was easier than climbing so by night fall she reached the cozy town of Fulda.

She stayed in Fulda till the war ended, and she was able to return to her old home. For the rest of her life, Sarah’s faith in God showed in many ways, and provided her many an opportunity to witness to many souls.

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