The Influence of a Mother

Sunday was Mother’s Day. Perhaps you may think this post is late, but it’s really not. Because, hopefully Mother’s Day prepared you for this post. All across America, and probably other countries too, people were celebrating the gift of motherhood. At the same time, others are sitting back wishing they had a mom to celebrate with. I feel for you. But I have a little challenge for you. Celebrate her, even though she isn’t with you. The fact alone that she brought you to this world has had the deepest impact on your life! Celebrate that.

I, personally, am extremely grateful for the moms in my life, but especially for my own sweet mother. She has spent countless hours teaching me, doing things for me I couldn’t do myself, and loving me even when I was incredibly naughty. She taught me to love music and was (and is!) an amazing example to me of a Godly woman.

The Influence of a Mother

They say the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. I’m not feminist, but moms do have a huge role in influencing society, one child at a time. Think about Eve for a moment, she made a choice that influenced mankind forever. Now no woman since has had or will have to make a decision as large as that (thankfully!). Remember though, the child that is influenced today, can make an impact tomorrow.

Mothers have the opportunity to help train a child’s heart and mind. They can encourage them on, to go far. I wonder about the mothers of some of the world’s greatest leaders. What were they like? Adolf Hitler was a good leader, but a terrible man morally. Had he been trained to love and follow Jesus all his growing years? I’m confident in saying a resounding, “No.”

In no way am I saying that Dads don’t have as much influence; they certainly have a large part in it too! I think though, that all to often, the role of a mom is looked down upon and perhaps even scorned as something that isn’t very “worthy”. Let me tell you that that is just a big fat lie. To all you moms out there, you are the very cornerstones of our country whether anyone wants to admit it or not. That’s a fact.

I found a non exhaustive list of the responsibilities of a mom recently. The list contained about 41 general responsibilities and a lot of them could almost be complete jobs in and of themselves!  Reading over it, I almost get panicky thinking about being a mother some day. I’m glad I have a few more years to prepare. 😉

I want to thank all of you who have taken on that special role. Even if you feel that your child isn’t turning out perfect, don’t give up! They aren’t ever going to be “perfect”. But they do have a special purpose in this world, a place, a calling. You can help them to find it.

To all of you women who long to have your own child but can’t, you can be a mother! You can be a mother to the children who have none. You can reach out to the children around you and minister to them, encourage them. You have the ability to birth them in your heart. That is beautiful too.

Going forward from here, let’s celebrate motherhood every day. When your child is being naughty, yup it’ll be hard, count it a blessing to be the one that God has chosen to train that child to not be naughty. And of us who are still young, when our mom is trying to train us, listen up. They’re words of wisdom, whether we like it or not! 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Influence of a Mother

  1. Melody, you have a gift from the Lord in writing and ministry through it. I bless you in the Name of Jesus. Thank you…really build me up, and I praise the Lord for have given me two lovely boys/young men, that listen to me and to my lovely husband.


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