Lord Jesus, This is Our Prayer (My First Ever Choral Composition)

After a very long (although, yet surprisingly short) year, I have finally completed my first choral composition. Starting out as a four part hymn, it includes a men’s verse and finishes with eight parts.

I kind of stepped out by writing two descants. The reason for that originally was because I wanted the highest to reach up to a D6 (which, for those who are wondering, is the first D above the treble staff). Most sopranos can’t do that so I added a second descant. Somehow in the editing process, they both got lowered, it’s better that way (maybe 😉 ).

I have a more advanced choral piece (and a few orchestral pieces!) in the works. We’ll see if it ever gets posted.

I actually have never sung in a choir (or played in an orchestra). (Perhaps you will think you can tell. 😉 ) As a sixteen year old, I haven’t really had any opportunities so far.

This song is free to use, and as many copies as you like. I would appreciate to know ahead of time though, if it’s going to be performed somewhere. 🙂

You can access the music as a downloadable PDF here or click on one of the pages below.

Listen to the midi file here:


Lord Jesus, This is Our Prayer

Lord Jesus, This is Our Prayer


Finale 2008 - [Lord Jesus, This is Our Prayer3


Lord Jesus, This Is Our Prayer



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