In Which I Step Out of My Little Box

I love encouraging people to step out of their normal little boxes and try something new; expand horizons and discover skills they never knew they had. I myself haven’t tried something new for a little while in art.

So in the last several days, I tried out two things. Not new to me in particular, but things that I was always terrible at when I was younger. I can’t say they turned out stellar, but I was pleased with the outcome and definitely plan to work at them more in the future as time allows.

Fancy Lettering

Despite being a wordy person, and talking and writing a lot, I don’t feel that I have the greatest handwriting. The writing below took me about 40 minutes to do, but I was watching video at the same time (that I had watched before), so I’m not sure what the actual time would have been. I used a regular ball point pen.



I’ve wanted to paint well for so long – ever since I was quite young. I used to dabble with it, and then eventually gave up. I finally got up the guts to get my dear old acrylics out of the closet again and put them to some good use.


A little note about behind the quote, it doesn’t matter what notes you play, or if you fumble up, what really matters is if it is coming from your heart. If it isn’t, you are, put simply, just making a bunch of noise.

So there you have it! My wonderful messes I call art. Now it’s you’re turn. I would love to you see your wonderful messes (or masterpieces). Whether a beginner or a well seasoned artist, we all need to know we’re not the only one out there doing it!

Ya’ll have a great week, or what’s left of it!

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