New Song: God’s Hurting Child

We have heard of God as a Father and we as his children (the “sons of God”). How often do we think of it in that way in our hearts? Many know a Father as someone who doesn’t particularly care about them and perhaps is even angry and abusive. They don’t know what the real love of a dad can look like. When it comes to God, they don’t understand how he could be so good and be like a father.

But God really does show us what fathers should be like. In a fallen, broken, and imperfect world, we feel alone and sometimes hurt. In our brokenness we may lash out at God. But He isn’t standing there indifferently. He’s waiting with outstretched hands, waiting for us to come to him, to want him, and ask him to forgive us. My dear friend, he will forgive you and give you the most amazing peace and joy you’ve ever experienced; strength to conquer the trials in life.

Nope, you won’t feel that way all the time, but you will have it in your heart. Sometimes you just need  to remember that! 😉 God’s not asleep, and he’s certainly not dead.

This song is dedicated to those who have been mistreated, abused, and abandoned. Those who have felt bondage and the pain of insurmountable expectations. Those who need to know they have a Heavenly Father who cares for them and to whom they can run for comfort and shelter. He is a Light that overcomes darkness.

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You may download, print, and/or use in performance as many copies as you like for FREE in accordance to the copyright notice at the end.


Finale 2008 - [God's Hurting Child]

©Melody Horst 2016. Permission is granted to everyone to copy, record, and/or distribute this song.

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