Anabaptist Orchestra Camp 2017 (Vlog)

What?? Me doing a vlog? Yup. Okay, it’s my first published one, so bear with me. 🙂 I had fun doing it and I hope ya’ll enjoy it, too.

I recently attended the Anabaptist Orchestra Camp as  a “non-participating member” (i.e. I didn’t play in the orchestra). I enjoyed it thoroughly and came away very inspired. You can check out my photography post of the weekend here where I describe a lot more about the weekend! For now, let’s get on with the video:

Many thanks to my wonderful sister for the intro. 😉 Folks, it is quite the experience to feel motion sick while in a bucking vehicle in which a certain person is trying to drive in stop and go traffic. I did learn something though! …I’m not going to buy a car with a manual transmission… EVER. 😀

Enjoyed the video? Here are several links you may like:

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