How to Know if You’re a Creative Person

Have you ever wondered if you’re a creative person? Maybe you’ve always questioned your creative abilities or maybe you’re the person who wants to prove that you do have them.

First off, I’m going to clarify some things that are often confused. Creativity and talent are thought to be pretty much the same thing. And while they are close relatives, they are different. Talent is when you can do a certain thing very well and better than the average person. Creativity is “the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.” (Oxford Dictionaries)

So actually, in a lot of situations, creativity and talent are not particularly together at all.

So… how do you find out if you’re a creative person??

Okay, guys I have a little quiz for to do. Fool proof. If you fail… (Well, let’s talk about that later.. 😉 ). All you need is to get all the answers correct. Take a deep breath, relax! You’re going to do this!

The Official Creativity Quiz:

1. Where is the location of the nose on your face? (You can use a mirror)

A. On the left side   |   B. On the top   |   C. In the middle

2. What is the USA?

A. United Stickers Association   |   B. United States of America

3. Which side is your left side on?

A. The left    |   B. The right   |   C. What is left??

4. What color is water?

A. Orange     |    B. It’s clear!     |    C. Pink

5. How do you spell paint?

A. P-A-I-N-T    |    B. P-A-E-N-T    |   C. P-A-N-E-T

The correct answers are in blue. Did you get at least four correct? If so, you are officially a creative person. Huh, that’s ridiculous, anybody could get that right! Well of course, that’s the point. Because every single person is born creative.

Whether or not you think you do, you have an imagination. You are capable of creating something. It may be either in a physical or mental sort of way, it doesn’t matter which. Even if you are physically handicapped you are creating something whereever you go. Think about it and if you don’t believe me, shoot me a comment!

“Creativity is something we all have. Talent, is what we do with that creativity.”

Just because you feel like you’re going “nowhere” is not a sign of lesser creative abilities. As a fact, frustration is a good and natural part of the creative process according to this article.

There are so many ways to be creative. Generally, we think of a creative person as being crafty, artsy, or something like that. My sister told me once that I was a more creative person than she because I can draw portraits and am “more that way”. Yet there are many things that would jumble me up that she is good with. She has a sturdy brain that is filled with many wonderful ideas. She is very creative inside and so are you.

It’s up to you whether or not you want that thing to become a talent. Some of us find out what we like to do sooner than others and some things are harder to do/learn/succeed in and therefore take longer to master and become increasingly frustrating. My dear friend, that’s life.

So are you creative? Yes. Do you use that creativity well? That is something you have to determine for yourself!





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