The Sunflower Fields {Pictures}

I’ve been long in getting around to sharing these pictures, but late is better than never, right? Sunflowers are so pretty. Kinda western and rustic. I love looking at them and found out I also enjoy taking pictures of them too. 😉 Not far from where I live there are 9 fields of sunflowers. People flock to these places in mid summer to take photos and enjoy the beauties. I visited with two of my brothers one beautiful evening.

Flowers are so fun to photograph. They’re so intricate and delicate. They add beauty all around us with their cheery little faces.

Hope you enjoy the sunflowers as much as I do! 🙂 The following poem was written by Brenda McGrath.



Sunflowers in their glory are a happy sight to behold.




When planted they provide joy tenfold.




Sunflowers have wondrous “magic” powers,




You will instantly smile looking at this flower.




Their giant sun-kissed blossoms head for the sky.




Tall and majestic, they are a feast for the eyes.



I wish God would let sunflowers grow year round,




A lovelier sight cannot be found!


I especially enjoyed using the setting sun to my advantage.The fields were surrounded by woods and a man-made swamp/pond/conservation area. The soft sunlight filtering through the trees at the edge of the field  where I stood was perfect. In actuality, I think the pictures are prettier than reality. 😉 Being still quite new to this whole photography thing, I was happy to discover some new techniques.








Which is your favorite? I’d love to hear! Did you plant any sunflowers this year? Not only are they lovely to look at, the seeds are great for the birds. Try taking down the dried heads (if the birds haven’t eaten them already) and put them out on your porch this winter. I’m sure the birds will love you for it!

Ya’ll have a great week filled with happiness!

Credit: Sunflowers Make Me Smile ~ Brenda McGrath

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