The One Word of Kindness Challenge

I’m not the person to go around chewing on people. When I hurt other people, I feel it. But sometimes what stings more that a harsh word is silence. People begin to wonder if you think that they or what they do is boring, not good enough, or silly. I’ve certainly been in that spot. That feeling that no matter what I did, it went unnoticed. We’ve all been there at some point. And all we wanted was a word of encouragement, affirmation, or just a kind word that told us that we were thought of.

The One Word of Kindness Challenge

Okay, so since we all understand the feeling of being alone, hurt, or mistrusted, let’s turn that around. We can’t really change what other people say to us, but we can change what we say to others. Each word we speak is our own choice.

So what’s the challenge?

To say one kind word to someone every day, for 30 days. Don’t focus on one person only. Share the cheer with a friend, child, spouse, sibling, and/or someone at your workplace.

You don’t have to make it dramatic either. It can be a word slipped into the middle of a long conversation or a note reading “Love you” slipped under their bedroom door (for family members). Be authentic and act natural about it.

Sometimes a kind touch can make a person’s day. Please don’t over think it. Let it come naturally. Almost like thinking about it afterward.

One tiny ray of light shining in the darkness can become something that transforms everything. Don’t be afraid, don’t overthink. Do smile, do spread the cheer.

Please feel free to share this challenge on social media. You’re not alone in this. Together, let’s do our part to make our world a happier place. 🙂



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