The Man Who Pleases God

Poetry used to really be a thing in my life. Okay, it still is. But it used to be a BIG part of my life. I would write different poems to express my feelings and thoughts. Some of them were written in very mysterious ways so that the if someone else were to read them, they wouldn’t understand the private message I was actually writing about. 😀 This particular poem today, is not a mysterious one though! I believe I wrote it in 2014 or 2015. The form of it was copied from my favorite young author at the time. The message stands true forever.

The Man who Pleases God

Who is the man who pleases God

On this world below?

It is not the one who has much

But he who needs it so

It is not the proud in heart

But he that humbles himself

Not the one who is pure and clean

But he that brings his sins to the cross

Not the one who is clearly seen

To turn and run in battle,

But he who buckles on God’s faith

And charges on in pace.

The pastor, Star and hero,

God loves them all so much,

But the broken, drunken sinner

Receives his gentle touch

A little wine or liquor

May seem a scarce amount,

But all the drunken accidents,

Are something you must count.

It pleases God to trust in him

And receive his every word,

Than to limp along as if with broken limb.

We can not run the human race

Without God’s humbling grace.

The devil likes to tempt us,

And make us lose our way,

His way some times may seem like ease

But my brother, your life will fall apart,

Temptations may allure,

but your heart will become tart.

Trust in the Lord,

Follow his holy word,

Trust for his leading each moment everyday.

He will be your guide.

And even if the devil

Tempts you from every side,

God will protect you,

And lead you safely back to his fold.


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