The Dust Bin of History: Art Attempts From Before I Became an Artist

Every artist has a story of how they got where they are. Some are natural prodigies who paint beautiful pictures from age eight. For many of us though, our pasts are marked with more failures than successes. I was convinced that I would never become an artist. I wanted to, but I didn’t “have what it takes” or so I thought. And indeed, I am certainly no prodigy!

I thought it would be fun to share with ya’ll where I come from. Starting when I was about six, I’ll lead you through the years right up to the present. 🙂

Disclaimer: Since I didn’t date the pictures, the ages are only estimates. I got them as close to the actual as I could since I do remember creating the pictures.

Age 6


On the back it reads:

Holstein, My Favorite Kitty

I have a favorite kitty. His name is Holstein. His fur is gray with black stripes that swirl like a tiger. He comes up to me and rubs up against me and purrs  and purrs.


Age 9



Age 10





Age 11




Age 12



^^ That is supposed to be from outer space. Like the view from Heaven.

Jesus and I walking in Heaven vv


Age 13


Have you ever seen a mailbox quite that large? Neither have I.


^^ A wall in our family room which I doodled while listening to people talk.


I was drawing this picture to enter in an art competition which involved health portrayed creatively. 🙂 It never did get quite finished though.

Age 14


^^ Oh, that fur was the trial of my life!



These two pictures actually turned out very well and I still get the feeling of being pleased with my self when I look at them. 😉



^^ Random portrait.

Age 15

And then I turned 15… and a week later I was drawing graphite portraits. The first one didn’t turn out half bad either. My life kinda changed with a bang at that point. img_9486



Age 16

I thought it’d be good to bring you to the present. These aren’t attempts, they’re my masterpieces. 😉


IMG_0469 (2)

Pencil drawing of a crown of thorns

Pure Innocence - Graphite Portrait

Seeing how much progress comes with each year, it makes me curious what I will learn, how my technique will change and be refined when I’m 17!

I find it quite interesting how color nearly disappeared about two years ago. Maybe someday I’ll get into colored pencils or paint, but for the mean time, mixing colors is too confusing so plain old graphite gets the lucky place in my heart.

Any thoughts or comments? Feel free to speak up in the comment section below!


How to Know if You're a Creative Person

How to Know if You’re a Creative Person

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2 thoughts on “The Dust Bin of History: Art Attempts From Before I Became an Artist

  1. Wait, did you say you’re not a prodigy? Your work begs to differ. The skill you showed as you became a teenager is very impressive. By the time you were 16, the quality of your drawings was high even compared to adults who’ve been doing it for a long time


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