What to do on Valentine’s Day | Single’s Edition

Valentines Day Single EditionSomehow this fast approaching holiday (tomorrow!) is going to bring about roses, red and pink, hearts, and fuzzy feelings. It’s such an adorable time, and I’m even single. Yup, I’m not thinking about having a valentine just quite yet – I’m only seventeen, people!

I imagine there’s a lot more of you like me who are single or going to be alone on Valentine’s Day and not quite sure what to do. If this day is all about romance, and I don’t have any in my life, I may as well sit around and binge watch movies (and finish off a bag of those delectable BBQ chips in the cupboard!). While I might do that, I’d love to do something else and I’m sure you want to as well!

Don’t worry! I’ve scraped together a few ideas for you to do. Maybe, just maybe, this Valentine’s Day isn’t going to be so bad after all. In fact, it’s starting to get quite rosy. 🙂

#1 Pamper Yourself

Grab a few roses, light some candles, and run a bath of herbs or your favorite bubbles. Put a few rose petals on the water to add an extra romantic atmosphere. It’s not about the “love myself” trend, but a beautiful evening of beautiful relaxation. We need those moments, you need those moments! You’ll be pampered from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head.

#2 Eat your favorite food

No, I don’t mean the junkiest food on the planet, cook yourself dinner or get it from a nice restaurant. Pour yourself a glass of sparkling juice and turn on your favorite movie (I mean, who wants to eat at a table alone on Valentine’s Day?!)

#3 Read-a-book-in-an-evening

Challenge yourself to read through an entire book in that evening (You know, that book you’ve been meaning to get read!) Curl up in a cozy chair and read away allowing you mind swirl away into the world of stories and imagination and a different life. Both fiction and non-fiction are great!

#4 You have an excuse

Yup, you finally have an excuse to do anything that you want (within reason of course… 🙂 ). Perhaps it’s a special gown you’ve been waiting to order, a craft that takes a lot of time, or… binge watching youtube!


Aren’t into those? Here’s a few more ideas:

  1. Prayer time with Daddy God!
  2. Find a local event to go to
  3. Journal the first five things that come to your mind
  4. Turn your favorite music up and uh… clean the house (making sure you don’t disturb your neighbor’s quiet romantic evening!)
  5. And, if you can, invite your friends over for an evening of games, watch a new movie, or just socialize!


Found something that you like? Keep in mind that these aren’t escapes of the holiday, they’re ways to celebrate it by yourself. There is definitely enough love to go around, and that’s what this day is all about!


2 thoughts on “What to do on Valentine’s Day | Single’s Edition

  1. This is good! Also you could cook up a fancy dinner and invite your friends. Or go out with friends. One year my husband was out of town on Valentine’s Day and some of my single friends found out, and invited me to eat out with them. It was really special and I never forgot it!


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