A Glimpse into My Novel: Journey to Love

A Glimpse into my NovelIt’s been quite a long while since I’ve given you an update about the book I’m writing, Journey to Love. You can read that post here! At the time I was fighting writer’s block and pretty much laid the book aside for a while. Recently, I have found renewed inspiration to complete the novel and get it where it’s supposed to go: into your hands. Part 1 is complete and Part 2 (definitely the longest!) is well under way.

Coming from upbringings of pain and rejection, Kirk and Julie discover a love that is far deeper than anything they ever imagined, and redemption far greater than they had ever wished for. They were good people, but God had called them to be great. Through the trial and testing of their relationship, they found forgiveness, love and freedom. The same freedom that sets sunsets on flame and turns the world upside; the powerful hand of God.

In anticipation of this book’s release (which is still months off), I am giving a glimpse and taste of what is coming.

It is (ah – will be) a great resource for teenagers and adults alike to rejoice in the beauty of life and be a fresh reminder of the most powerful force which is love – Jesus’ love!

I’ll leave ya’ll to read and enjoy! Tell me what you think – keeping in mind of course, that these are only small portions. 🙂


Excerpts From Journey to Love

They came from two different pasts..

“Mom! Mom!” Kirk’s voice rang through the hall. Taking the front stairs two at a time, the energetic ten-year-old arrived in his parent’s bedroom. “Mom! Look at the picture I drew in school today…” His voice trailed off and he stared at his mom who was curled up in the armchair in a corner, tears streaming down her cheeks. He bounded to her side. “Mom, what’s the matter?” Surely, he could fix the problem. His ten year old wisdom was very great in his mind.

“Oh son,” His mother raised her face to look into his eyes. “He’s gone.” Her voice broke.

“Who’s gone?” Worry crept into his voice.

“Your dad!”

Kirk gasped. Choking back a sob, he fairly flew to his room. Diving under the bed covers, he tried not to scream. Dad gone? How could he? Would he be back to see his son, or would he be gone forever? Tears coursed down his cheeks. He sniffled. An only child, he had always been treated well. He loved his dad and was proud to be able to show him off to his friends. And now his dad had left him? As the feelings of betrayal washed over him, he punched his pillow and let out a wild yell. His mom pounced to the door.

“Kirk! Don’t do that! I can’t take anything right now.” She stalked away, and he heard the front stairs creek under her step.

Two days later, Kirk’s father appeared to get his things. Barely glancing at the young boy standing nearby, he brushed past and up the stairs. Feeling let down, Kirk followed him slowly. Silently watching his father from the bedroom door, his brain seemed to scream at him for not saying anything.

“Why are you leaving?” He finally asked around the large lump in his throat.

“Got a new job. And a woman that’s more beautiful than your mother.” A slight smile twisted his dad’s face. “She is quite slender with brown hair and eyes and-“

“Stop!” Kirk screamed. The rush of emotions seemed to overwhelm him. “I don’t want to hear about the horrid woman that is taking my dad and ruining the family. Just get out of here. I can’t stand to look at you.” He fled down the stairs and out the back door. Flying across the yard, he leaped up into his favorite tree; tears streamed down his cheeks. Heartbroken, he waited to get down until he heard his dad’s car drive away.

Kirk groaned and lifted his head. That day had been the worst day of his life; the day that he realized his dad didn’t love him anymore. A feeling of emptiness had settled into him as a young boy, driving him to pursue greater heights in school and later in college. Yet, that feeling had not completely left him. He longed for something, something that seemed to evade him, yet followed him everywhere.


Julie walked down the hall to her parent’s bedroom. Peeking in the door, she saw her mother stretched out on the bed relaxing. She turned her head at the sound of Julie’s footsteps. Smiling, she motioned for Julie to come to her side. Julie quickly walked over to the bed, and looked down into her mom’s face. It was thin and pale with a grayish overtone. “How old she looks” Julie thought.

            Her mother looked into her eyes. “Julie, I’m sure by now that I do not have much time to live. But I want to tell you while I still can, that I love you very much. Always remember that for me.” She squeezed Julie’s hand and smiled. “We can see each other in Heaven someday.”

            Julie nodded as a lump came to her throat. What would she do without her mother? Would life go on? How would she take care of her little brother?

            Julie felt a tear slide down her cheek as she dropped to her knees and put her arms around her mother’s neck.

            Three days later, her mother went to be with Jesus. That her mother was in Heaven, was never a question to Julie – she knew! Her mother loved the Lord and had spent time in his word everyday despite Julie’s father not allowing her to go to church. Julie herself was a Christian. She wasn’t as passionate about God as her mother had been, but she still considered herself a follower of Jesus.

Ten years later… Julie no longer claimed to be a Christian. She loved her life, and believed in living it passionately, though not for God. By this time, it had turned into her own life. She believed in being a good person and everything would be okay.


United by love…


“If you wish for anything, what would it be?” her gentle voice broke into his quiet thoughts.

“Well, to be able to spend the rest of my days with the love of my life.” He smiled.

Julie felt her heart quicken and her hand came to mouth with a slight gasp as Kirk got down on his knee in front of her. Reaching into his pocket he brought forth a small black box, he held it, opening it to reveal a glistening ring. He looked deeply into her eyes. “Julie Marie, will you marry me?”


That and so much more all wrapped up in one book!


I can’t give any promises of when it will be released, but I am definitely hoping for sometime this year! I’m super excited and hope and pray that it will be a blessing to all who read it.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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A Glimpse into my Novel (Journey to Love)



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