Quote of the Week | #4 & #5

Hey ya’ll! Here I am back from a little blogging break. I wasn’t planning to stay away forever in case you were starting to worry! 😉 Blogging actually takes a surprising amount of brain energy. But I say it’s totally worth if I can help ya’ll live better and more beautiful lives… and now I’m back quite prepared, refreshed, and energized. We have to take care ourselves in order to help others. It’s important.

Sooo… Quote of the Week, here we are again! Even better, we have two quotes for this week which are quite related. Need inspiration to get off your lazy bum and just do it? Read on! 😀

Quote of the Week

I can’t agree more! Actually, that’s why I’m back. We can’t always wait around for that “perfect” moment. Sometimes Jesus has to give me a little nudge (ahem – okay, maybe more than a little… 😉 ). Don’t let that little blue underlined word in the quote below hold you back. Stick it under your chair and leave it there!

Quote of the Week 4.jpg

This quote is definitely a little bit of a prickler. 😀 … especially for some people (you know who you are!)

I just love these quotes because so often in life, we freak out so bad and give up before we’ve even given it a chance. When God brings opportunities into your life, He has them there for a reason. A thought that struck me recently was, “What’s so scary about an audience of 1000 people, when my Coach has been in front of BILLIONS??” Food for thought!

Tell me which was your favorite quote. What inspires you most to live as the person God has created you to be?

Have an awesome weekend, all you wonderful people! 🙂


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