Dear Younger Self – A Letter to the Girl I Used to be

Hey y’all! I’m back after way too long. I’ve missed talking to you guys. This summer has been crazy but I’m finally learning how to bring some sort of balance to the craziness and squeeze in some time to chat with y’all. I finished school and started working full time. Probably enough explanation. I suppose it’s something a lot of high school grads have to figure out when they enter the workforce. 🙂

Today is kinda different cause I really wanted to write a note to my younger self. If you have a younger person(s) in your life (which I’m sure you do), make sure to take a minute to encourage them, inspire them, tell them the truth about themselves. You don’t know how much that can impact a young mind – world changing!

Dear Younger Self.jpg

**Above: one of my senior pictures. That’s the girl who’s talking. **

I finally got to tell the younger me what I always wished someone would have. Writing it all down was somehow incredibly healing. Almost like I was able to go back in time and give that girl the advice and encouragement she really really wanted. It meant so much to be able to be that person. Yeah, it sounds weird, but that’s okay. 😀

If I would have covered everything, this would be waayyyy too long. So I’ve spared everyone. I didn’t write the letter just so y’all could read it, but literally to the girl I used to be. Still, I hope it encourages someone else. Maybe it will be the little beam of light on your day. 🙂

The girl I’m writing to: (the age gap of 6 to almost 16 – but mostly the younger)

The Girl I Used to Be.jpg


Dear Younger Self,

First off, I think you’re so adorable and funny. I wish you could realize you don’t have to be so scared of the dark and bad animals and germs. I also wish so hard that you wouldn’t have to go through the pain that you will. You are so cute, have so much life within you, I’m not sure why some will hurt that and kill your hope.

But I’m also glad that because of Jesus, you won’t ever give up. You’ll keep on fighting and be who God created you to be.

You have so much life. Chase your dreams. It doesn’t matter if others think you’re crazy and your dreams are over the top. God is going to need someone who is over the top to inspire them!

I promise that you won’t always feel hopeful. Hope isn’t always to be felt, but known. Because you have Jesus in your heart, you have more hope than your little brain can imagine. That’s a good thing.

You have an incredible amount of faith deep down inside, but you still doubt a lot. You wonder why. Why no matter how hard you try, you’re expected to do better. Discouragement hits you in the guts sometimes. Sometimes you cry cause you just want to feel loved no matter what.

It’s going to keep getting you down, but Jesus will always pick you up and hold you. It’s okay to fall down. Everyone does. Remember, it’s not how you fall, but how you get back up.

Don’t be afraid to open yourself to others. There are so many incredible people who love you. They are a safe place.

Don’t be afraid to experience new things. It’s through those things that you will grow. You have a sturdy body and mind. Fearlessly pursue friendship and adventure like you dream about.

Oh, did I mention boys yet? I know you think you know who ya’ going to marry and when. Before that, you worried about boys and how you’d ever decide which crush to marry. I’ll be the first to say I think it’s cute. But I’m also going to scold you for shirking your math over it. You’re gonna wish you hadn’t later.

Keep on towards your goals. Strive to be the person who YOU know you need to be. Let Jesus be your best friend.

Your songs, the ones you sing every day when no one else is listening, Daddy God absolutely adores them. He looks down at you with a huge grin and proudly says, “That’s MY girl!”

You’re shy and insecure around others and stage fright plagues you. You know that you’re called to sing, but every time you try, your breath gets stuck in your throat. That is just the devil trying to trick you into thinking you’ll never succeed. He can only speak lies so don’t worry about it. I’m not kidding. When it’s your time you’ll be okay because of the power of God within you. I know it sounds almost unreal. That’s how your God is. Pretty cool.

So I guess if I were to wrap this up into one paragraph, it’d be:

Don’t hold back. Follow your heart and let that heart be the home of Jesus. He’ll be your best friend forever. Rest in that. Grow in that. Be inspired by that.

I love you so much girl!

~ Your Older Self


Y’all, never underestimate the younger people around you. They’re the next generation after all! Don’t tear them down, build them up and they’ll go far!



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