A Month of Worship Music | Day 3

Good morning and happy Labor Day!

We all acquire a morning routine or some sort of regular habits after a while, even if your mornings always seem to be a little too hectic. I’d like for you to imagine for a moment, a kind of morning that could become your favorite while still doing the most important things. Maybe making a healthy breakfast? Going for a brisk walk/run? Just giving yourself a little more time before you rush to work?

My favorite morning routine is grab a quick and healthy breakfast, a cup of coffee, and my bible and devotional journal, proceed to my favorite spot, turn on worship music, and spend some time with Jesus.

Afterwards, I’ll do my makeup, catch up on emails, social media, blog work, etc. Then head to work.

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but I like to encourage y’all to do something like that too (though I’ve only hinted at it previously 🙂 ). Not only is it a great thing to look forward to every morning, it also starts your day in the right place! And it can take anywhere from five – ten minutes to a whole entire hour. Whatever fits into your schedule the best and how much time you want to take for it – go for it! Make time for Jesus. I’m sorry, you don’t have any excuse!

BUT… today is Labor Day! Crazy that I’m talking about this when most of us have off… 🙂 Whatever. It applies whether you’re working or not!

Take one day at a time. Don’t mentally tackle a whole week (or month!) at one time. That’s too much for a normal human being to handle and chances are, it won’t go very well. I’ve personally tested that theory too many times! Enjoy your self. Enjoy your new morning. And definitely pause in your moment of life to enjoy it too!

A Month of Worship Music Daily Inspiration

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Today’s song: “Glorious Day” – Casting Crowns

Just imagine it!

FYI – I’ve received feedback that the last two videos haven’t worked/played properly. If you have trouble playing the video, click the arrow in the top right corner and it will take you straight to the YouTube page.


3 thoughts on “A Month of Worship Music | Day 3

  1. Thanks, sister Melody, for exhorting with “Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me)” by Casting Crowns! We went to Casting Crowns when they played at the State Fair of West Virginia last year, August 12, 2017. My children and I liked Mark Hall’s acoustic solo singing better when we watched the LIVE broadcast (August 31, 2017) of Together for Texas Facebook LIVE Concert Event aiding those affected by Hurricane Harvey hosted by Natalie Grant. It featured performances by some of our favorite CCM artists: Jeremy Camp, Mark Hall of Casting Crowns, and Danny Gokey. I asked my son Joseph to make me audios and videos of my 5 favorite worship songs from Together for Texas. I will try to post Mark Hall’s here. If not, I will email you the audios and videos from Together for Texas: Songs of Hope and Healing.


  2. Melody, I couldn’t post the audios and videos here of Mark Hall singing “Loving My Jesus” and “Praise You In This Storm” to encourage those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Together for Texas: Songs of Hope and Healing. I will email them to you soon.


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