A Month of Worship Music | Day 6,7,8

I had day six written and ready to post… and my internet connection failed. And then I headed off to my new job to start a few mildly stressful yet fun days of training. Now I’m relaxing at the beach and have the time and resources to connect again and (hopefully) make up for the lost time. Or maybe I should say I’m holed up in an under-lit, outdated hotel room while the wind howls and blows a cold drizzle outside ( #reality ). I hope your mornings haven’t been too mundane without me. 😉

I wrote that yesterday. 😀 So this morning, I decided to get up and be productive. With my amazing sister helping me, I came up with a strategy to overcome the overwhelming feelings of life. She’s pretty great!

I figured out my power word, sentence, verse, and song. Basically, I now have a few things to read and think about that I know will always inspire me beyond just the next few seconds.  I’ll probably make all that into a completely different post, but I thought I’d make a note for now… 🙂

So let’s pick up where we left off. I’m planning to post several songs a day so that y’all won’t have to miss any of the amazing ones I’ve picked out.

Your encouraging thought for the day:

“No matter what you’ve gone through, no matter what you’re going to go through, Jesus is always strong enough.”



 Just a note: I’m not sure why, but the inserted videos never seem to play right. Before, I told to y’all to click the arrow at the top and then I realized a moment ago, that that’s the share button (insert: face-palm). Instead, click on the title. I promise I tried it! 😉

Song #1: “Belong” – Aaron Shust

“Let Your hope be my breath. Let Your love be my song. Let Your peace be my rest. I was made to belong to You. Take this flesh and bone, breathe Your life within. Take this heart of stone, make it beat again.”


Song #2: “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” – Danny Gokey

You can get back up again, smile, and live full. It’s possible. It’s reality. It doesn’t really matter where you think you are in this life, this song is still strong and true.


Song #3: “Live Like You’re Loved” – Hawk Nelson


Y’all have an amazing evening in the spot you are on this planet. It’s not a corner – it’s a place of Life!




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