A Month of Worship Music | Day 19

Ahhh… You guys have no idea how good it feels to be caught up again! I keep realizing that I can’t make too many promises (which I’m famous for doing… ). This month has been crazy, yet so packed full with experiences that I’m so thankful for. A new job, working on my own car with deadlines, vacation with the sister, and of course, just everyday life. And the month’s not over yet!

I’m so excited about today’s song. I recently nominated it as my theme song for my current . The song that I can listen to and be inspired every time.


A random photo taken with the sis by the Chesapeake Bay.


Song #19: “ Jesus Saves” – Jeremy Camp

2 thoughts on “A Month of Worship Music | Day 19

  1. Thanks, sister Melody, for exhorting with “Jesus Saves” by Jeremy Camp! We went to Jeremy Camp’s concert when he performed with the Summer Lights Tour at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland last year, July 13, 2017. Jeremy Camp is an ordained minister and before he sang, he said something like, “Let’s have church right here!” and then he exhorted something like, “Yes, Jesus has forgiven us, but if you think you can do whatever you want, then you don’t know GRACE!” Wow… that’s when King Jesus confirmed why He directed our steps to go to Jeremy Camp’s concert at Merriweather Post Pavilion; I hadn’t been to a concert there in over 25 years or so. One of my mothers in the faith in Michigan (at the time) calls it “the power of the 3rd party [via film, audio book, book, music, or another person in line with James 5:20 and 2 Timothy 4:1-8]” when King Jesus uses someone else other than you to speak Truth to a prodigal. My children and I liked Jeremy Camp’s acoustic singing better though when we watched the LIVE broadcast (August 31, 2017) of Together for Texas Facebook LIVE Concert Event aiding those affected by Hurricane Harvey hosted by Natalie Grant. Jeremy Camp sang “The Answer” for the first time live and “Walk By Faith” by Natalie Grant’s special request. My son Joseph already made me one of the audios and videos: Jeremy Camp singing “The Answer” from Together for Texas: Songs of Hope and Healing; I will email it to you soon.


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