A Month of Worship Music | Day 22 – 26

Hey there!

Today’s post is going to rather lengthy as we have five songs. And I’m pretty excited about them! I know this is a month of my favorite worship music, so each day previous were favorites, but today is some of my favorites of favorites. 😀

Excited too? Keep scrolling down!

As always, if the videos don’t play properly, click on the titles to watch them on YouTube!


Song #22: “Hold Us Together” – Matt Maher




Song #23: “Remind Me Who I am” – Jason Gray


Give me a moment of coffee,

A lifetime of country roads,

And an eternity with Jesus!


Song #24: ” In the Blink of an Eye” – MercyMe



Song #25: ” The One I’m Running to” – 7eventh Time Down



This song is just so beautiful. I want to thank one of my beautiful readers for sharing it with us. I love hearing what inspires you to worship!

Song #25: “Sky Spills Over” – Michael W. Smith


Y’all have a blessed rest of your day praising Jesus and knowing that you live LOVED!



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