A Month of Worship Music | Day 27

I can hardly believe that we’re almost to the end of September. There are only three days left! It’s been an amazing month. Very challenging in so many ways, yet God has worked incredibly. I’m feeling pretty inspired about October – whatever that means. 😉

If you’re working, relaxing, stressing out, and/or jumping for joy, remember…

You are loved,

You are whole,

You are complete,

You are enough for

God’s plan.



As always, if the video doesn’t play properly, click on the title to watch it on YouTube!

Song #27: “Flawless” – MercyMe

This is a song that is near and dear to my heart. For as long as I can remember, I worried about being accepted for who I am. I thought I was so flawed compared to others in how I looked and acted. I felt shy and unsure. I thought I was ugly. I said things that later embarrassed me. I grew up being different than most people I knew. But the more I grow up, the more I realize how much I’m like everyone else.

Truth is, everyone likes to put their best fronts forward. Right? We keep what we think and feel about ourselves, inside. And then someone else mentions how embarrassed they felt about something and you’re like, “huh?? you were totally cool!” And generally, that’s what we all think of each other. Maybe you can relate.

No matter what you do, you can’t make yourself perfect. You aren’t perfect. You are perfected by Jesus, because his love is perfect.


Live LOVED y’all!




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