Devotional Journaling | #Inktober Throwback

It’s been November for exactly one week. I’m currently loving the fall colors, even with all the recent downpours trying to wash them away! October was a great month with a much needed slightly slower pace. I didn’t blog as much as anticipated, but I feel much of the content wasn’t ready yet and I had to learn to be okay with that. As a fact, I’m still working hard to get a few things (including some pretty cool freebies) ready for y’all.  And today is #ThrowbackThursday! How appropriate.

Maybe this month can be your chill month! Don’t over-think things, and spend more time with Jesus. I promise that’s going to make a huge difference.

Devotional journaling is a great way to express what you’re feeling, write down thoughts, prayers, favorite or impact-ful scripture, ideas, and all kinds of other things. I like to use my journal as a space where I can put down anything.


Devotional Journaling.jpg

In my previous devotional journals, I  wrote a lot of scripture and little thoughts I had about them. But I rarely pick them back up and read them. Why? Because they’re so bland and boring. Not that the content is particularly bland and boring, but each page looks exactly the same. Nothing stands out. I used the same blank ink, the same handwriting, and wrote everything in the same style paragraphs.

I recently got a new journal and have been having tons of fun playing around with colors and fonts. I also decided to be okay with writing anything in there. It has completely revolutionized things. Each page has been read dozens of times because each thing stands out to me. Because I use different colors and textures, I can feel the emotions behind the words when I wrote them. And it’s a lot of fun! Need any more reasons? 😉

I wasn’t originally going to share my own personal pages, as I’m most certainly not perfect (please don’t judge my handwriting – I’m still attempting to keep getting better! 😉 ) The purpose is to write down the thoughts and words in a way that sticks in our minds, not to distract us too much from the reason we’re writing those things. It doesn’t have to be too fancy. There are (lots of) mess ups in my journal (as you will see!) but I don’t really care. It’s the marks of a journey to something better.



The journal itself makes a big impact too. Pick out one that’s special to you or is personal in some way. For example, mine is gray leather bound and the front reads “This girl lives on lattes and a dream”. I found it at Target and absolutely love it!



There is no reason to write a lot every day. I would, encourage you to write a little (even if it’s literally one word) whenever you spend time in the word. This encourages your brain to process things more and will also create a surprising boost to your day.


1 xoxo melody

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