Free Phone and Desktop Wallpapers | Living Loved Collection

If you enjoy my occasional Quote Up! posts, you’ll probably love these cute wallpapers. This collection includes six different wallpapers of varying styles compatible for both phones and desktops. They’re completely free and you can switch them up anytime you like! Best of all, they are specifically made to inspire, motivate, and empower you every time you see your screen – a reminder that you live LOVED!

What better way is there to keep a positive reminder close by?


Phone and Desktop Wallpapers


I personally like changing my desktop wallpaper frequently to flow with my current mood. When words that are inspiring light up in front of your face, it can be so motivating! A nice little punch to your morning (or evening when you’re tired but still have work to do).

Click here to download the collection!

I’m currently getting ready for Christmas and (attempting) to wrap up this year in some sort of orderly fashion. My goal has been to have blog content prepared for several weeks out, but that is certainly a thing still in the process! I love sharing with you all and helping motivate and inspire your lives. But just cause I absolutely love it doesn’t mean it isn’t more work than I originally thought. I’m learning that that’s a common theme in this amazing and crazy world of blogging! 🙂

What’s my latest big project coming next? A five day mini course on powerful Christian womanhood! Each day will be a different topic targeting some of the biggest issues/areas in our lives as young women.

Power Womanhood Mini Course Promo

If y’all want more New Years inspired wallpapers, don’t be shy and let me know in the comments!

Have a great week and stay inspired, my lovelies!

1 xoxo melody


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