Powerful Womanhood (A Prelude) | True vs. False

I’m getting pretty excited about the new mini course about Powerful Womanhood that is soon to be published. I personally really enjoy mini courses and have been greatly affected by them.

I want to share some things first. Kind of like an introduction or prelude (hence the title) to the Powerful Womanhood mini course.

powerful womanhood

The Worth Game

As a general rule, we women love our obsession of appearance. We love putting on cute clothes and makeup, and pretty hairstyles. We spend way more than our budget on new clothes and try out new diets and workouts to reach the “perfect” weight and body shape goals. That’s me too.

We attempt to make ourselves look smart, or sexy, or powerful. We try to place a piece of our worth in our appearance. I’m not going to be that person telling you to stop looking at yourself all together and instead look at your heart and be the good girl inside that you need to be and your life will be good. God made you to want to be beautiful and admired. He made you to not wish to trash your appearance, but take care of it. Enjoy that!

But my dear, your worth is not tied up in your appearance, if you would only look better. It isn’t in your personality or possessions or anything that you can change. You are absolutely priceless in God’s eyes. He made you, that’s enough proof!

The Truth Will Set You Free

When I was at a Christian youth conference earlier this year, I made a list of the things I am because of Jesus and His love in my heart and life. I also wrote a list of things that I am not. I recently added to the first list, making it twice as long. 🙂

powerful womanhood prelude

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t live like every single thing listed above every single moment. Why? because I’m still human and I still forget. That’s okay. I still get afraid and forget who I am in Jesus sometimes. I’m not perfect, God is. I can still choose to let my head get in the way. But that doesn’t change God.

Ruthlessly Abandoning the Lies

When I first sat down to write this post, I wasn’t going to share the “who I am not” list, because we don’t need to focus on all the lies but instead see the list of truths. And then I realized that there is something powerful about seeing those lies written down, stare them dead in the eye and say that they no longer have any power.

You may not connect with each one listed, so pick the ones that really stab you. Throw them out. There is no need to look back!

powerful Godly womanhood

the difference between truth and lies

The devil has a lot of things he wants you to believe. He’s got a whole stash of ideas to use on the people he wishes to captivate and holds captive. The problem for him is that he can’t create anything. His only power is to twist and change what has already been said and made by God. He can only speak lies. He is completely unable to speak truth. He may tell you things that are almost truth, yet his is only chintzy replicas because the truth is God.

We may like to imagine that there is a great grey area where we stand uncertain of what is good and wrong, when in reality the two points are incredibly and vastly far apart.


Okay, my dear ladies, that’s all for now!

1 xoxo melody


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