About Melody

Melody Horst Hey! I’m Melody Horst, a young lady striving to follow my Saviour and King, Jesus Christ.

Favorite pastimes include:

  • Petting cats
  • Singing
  • Composing and arranging music
  • Listening to music
  • Playing piano

(sounds like a girl who loves music, huh?! 😉 )

Another form of art that I enjoy, is graphite (pencil) portraits. Bringing out the true character and personality in a person, is so much fun. From these passions, I have learned that God is truly an amazing artist. It is so easy to overlook the artistic side of God. Sure, we sometimes stop to admire nature, but we so often fail to realize the intricacies of nature and life.

As a non-resistant Christian, I believe that we are to love and help others as commanded in Scripture (Mark 12:30). Because of this, it is my purpose to help bring forth a little taste of God’s love in the music and art he has given me to create, as well as whatever else he leads me to share. My prayer is that you might be encouraged, inspired, and blessed.


Current life quote:

“If you are doing it for the glory of God, then why are you hiding it in your drawer?”



My Purpose Statement

My Purpose Statement.jpg

Recently I was privileged to create my purpose statement with my amazing Aunt Fern. It may change slightly over the years, yet this definitely sums up my life purpose/goals. 🙂 Be sure to go check out her services here!