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Vibrant Womanhood Bible StudyOften times the hardest thing to do is what we don’t want to do (duh!). It’s especially hard when what we need to do is sure to affect normal routine, make waves, or even put a strain on close relationships. Perhaps none of those are your case and you’re even excited about doing whatever it is, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it or find the time. Whatever the “problem”, you’re not alone – let’s figure it out together!

Today we’ll focus on the root problem, prioritizing, and taking action.  Grab your prayer or devotional journal and bible, curl up and let’s get into this! If you happened to miss the first Bible study on Confidence, you can check it out here! Continue reading “Cultivating Truth into Everyday Existence | Vibrant Womanhood”

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful readers!

In my little corner of the world, there is much joy at the remembrance our dear Saviour’s birth so many years ago. I hope there is a spark of this peace and happiness in each of your homes and hearts wherever you are on this planet.

As you celebrate this great day of joy, remember why He came. Not to take over the world, or show off, but to show us what a godly life looks like, lived out, and then He died a horrible death to be a perfect sacrifice for our sins that any one who believes in Him is saved. With His Spirit in our hearts, we no longer need to fear death. Isn’t that incredible? And that is what all this feasting and merriment is all about! So I encourage you to live this day in celebration  of Him, remembering the true “reason for the season”!



Christmas Eve

While some of us are busy in our kitchens preparing delicious food, others are traveling to spend the blessed holiday with family, and yet others, are prepared to spend the 'A time for remembering the Son of God': 26 Christmas quotes from LDS leaders | Deseret Newsday alone. No. Not alone! Please! If you have ever spent a single day alone, my heart is wrenched for you! I know how it feels, and this shouldn’t be for you. I am not talking here about being physically by yourself, but rather alone without God. You can be in a houseful of people, and be alone. By yourself, feeling hopeless.

Okay, I’m not going to preach, or “tell you a thing or two”, but I do want to give you a little inspiration. If you are feeling lonely, literally, emotionally alone, you don’t have to be that way! Remember Jesus who died on the cross as a sacrifice for your sins, and ask Him to be there with you in Spirit. He will be; it is His Each of us is an innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus   These are sizedas 8x10 and 12 x 12, I made them with a craft in mind, on...promise to you!

So whether you are spending the day with you and yourself, or a room full of people, it’s not at all about you. But about the Birth of Jesus Christ! I encourage you to lift your voice in song (even if your not a very great singer, God still loves listening to your attempts!). Sing praise to Him and worship Him within your heart. He is there, and he loves you more than you could ever imagine!

What to do About a Drab Christmas

“Why is Christmas so drab this year?” 12 year old Kenny asked his mom in a whiny way as he snitched an apple from the bowl on the table.

“I didn’t know it was any more drab than other years,” said 14 year old Melinda. “I kinda get tired of how boring it is. All except,” she added quickly, “The Christmas dinner and presents.”

“Yeah,” Kenny agreed. “Last year I got a BB gun! That was so cool!”

“And that’s what your problem is,” Mom stated in her kind way.

“What?” Both of her children stared at her with puzzlement.

“You see, your attitude has been all about, ‘what can I get from Christmas?’. In life in general, if you have a me, me, me attitude and constantly are seeing what you can personally benefit, you will be a very discontented person. Christmas is no different. In fact, it is a time set in place, that we may have a reminder to do good for others, because that is how God wants us to act.” Mom brushed her forehead in the way that she always did when she was coming up with a new thought. “I have an idea for you two. We have one week til Christmas. I challenge you to find one thing to do each day to bless someone else. Even if it means going out of your way to do it.”

I invite you to join me in this challenge:

To do at least one thing everyday that will be a blessing to someone else. Maybe it would be sending a cheery card to an old or distant friend, doing a chore for another sibling, or even giving an extra dose of kindness to the words you choose to speak.

It is always so warming when you know that you have blessed someone else. If you succeed (and even if you don’t), I would love to hear from you below! What did you do and do you have any ideas to share?

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Most of us have heard the song, The Twelve Days of Christmas, right? (“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…” 🙂 ) Okay, so I’m not going to be doing a gift announcement every day, for the next twelve days. But I am doing a Christmas series, posting inspirational content every single day right up to Christmas day!!

So, keep checking back for inspirational quotes, creative suggests, my thoughts on Christmas, and a fun challenge! Let’s kick it off with this letter; and awesome reminder:

“If You Look for Me at Christmas” ~ wonderful poem for Christmas

I just love this! So true, and so precious! Jesus is always with us; sometimes though, we don’t take the time to listen and then wonder, “I wonder if He’s really there?”. Talk to Him, and then listen in faith. Jesus is always there; it’s His promise.

3 Reasons Why Americans Forget to be Thankful

Americans as a whole seem to be ungrateful and unhappy people. We lose sight of the very things that make a great country and wallow in despair at the state of our country. Isn’t it about time that we buckle down and remember the things in our lives, big and small, that impacted our lives; made us into the individuals that we are.

Here I will list three reasons why Americans forget to be thankful.


Reason #1 Black Friday

It’s amazing, how one day Americans celebrate because they are so thankful for what they have, and then the next day trample over each other to buy “the best deals”. Really? It sounds like a made up story, but it’s true! People can literally get hurt by going out to buy on Black Friday among the deal-crazy mobs.

Instead of allowing Thanksgiving Day to impact us,  we become “greedy” by the very next day! I don’t think that Thanksgiving Day is going to do too much to America as a whole, until we cut out the “Pig Day” (Black Friday).


Reason #2 We forget God

Since God is the maker of the entire universe and all livings things, I believe that the number one cause for ungratefulness actually comes from a lack of acknowledging the One who created us. Is it not from this that all gratitude must flow? A realization that this world, and each one of us, were so wonderfully made that we are thankful to God for all He has done. I believe it is time for America to acknowledge the Maker of creation.


Reason #3 We Don’t Even Try

Okay, so maybe this a “duh” one. But we as Americans are so focused on ourselves, our careers, social lives, houses, cars, etc. – anything that we place as an idol in our lives. We Gratitude holiday thanksgiving pinterest pinterest quotes blessings thanksgiving quotes turkey day                                                                                                                                                                                 More: are so focused on “living a cool life”, that we forget to stop for a minute, look around us, and realize the good little things that our lives are so made of. We instead complain that we don’t have the coolest fashion item, aren’t popular, or simply some coveted item that isn’t in our stash of possessions.

Do we really have to be this way? Greedy, ungrateful, and covetous people? The answer is, absolutely NOT!! I think a good way to remedy this, is to 1) look at the first two reasons above, and 2) Start to say “thanks”. Thank God for what he has done. Also, thank other people for the little (or big) things that they do for you, even if its something that they normally do. It will probably brighten their day a little, as well as yours.


So there you go! Three big fat reasons why we as a nation aren’t very grateful people. Terrible? Yes. Unfix-able? NO. So let’s get started! You might be saying,”but I’m not famous. How can I ever be an influence?”. Being famous yourself doesn’t particularly have a bearing on how many people you will influence. Even doing something as simple as a good quote that somehow travels to the ears/eyes of many people because of the internet. Or, maybe you shine a light on someone else’s  life, who shine’s on someone else’s life, who… and it ends up touching many people whether you know it or not.

And… whether or not you ever make an impact, you will have made a change in your life, and that is beautiful.

So today (Black Friday), remember that while buying things is not necessarily wrong, buying things to somehow fill an empty, discontented space in your life, will never satisfy you. Because possessions don’t have the power to give you lasting joy. Enjoy the Black Friday deals, but don’t let it make you lose sight of the meaning of yesterday, Thanksgiving Day!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my wonderful readers!

Whether you are spending the day with family, friends, or by yourself, may this be a truly beautiful day as you motivational and inspirational quotes about life.                                                                                                                                                                                 More: reflect on all the things that God has done/given to you. He has proved himself true in so many ways in my life, and I feel very grateful.

I encourage you to make a list (you can start with a short one) of the first things that come to your mind that you are thankful for. Even better, add another item to that list every day til next Thanksgiving! You might be surprised how few repeats you are likely to have.

Here’s what my list would look like (in no particular order):

  1. My Family. They’re seriously amazing!
  2. Christ’s Love for me. The most wonderful gift ever!
  3. Cats. You probably guessed I love cats just by looking at the picture at the top. They’re the best and my constant pals around the farm.
  4. Music. A HUGE part of my life! Right now, the best thing has got to be singing or playing the piano!!
  5. Art and Color. Without these two things, this planet would be a black and white BLOB!! :/

So there’s my list… and I could add sooo much more! Look around you with a thankful attitude – the list can get pretty long, pretty quickly!

If you missed it, you’ll want to check out my sister’s great post, Why I’m Thankful.