Finds From the Old Notebook: God’s Special Kitten

I’ve been writing stories since I was a very little girl. Sometimes I love digging up some of those stories. Some are heartwarming, some are silly, some are awkward, and some… (no description!). Continue reading “Finds From the Old Notebook: God’s Special Kitten”


How a Musician’s Brain is Different

There’s an awful lot that goes into being a skilled musician… practice, practice, and more practice. Plus, there are the lessons that have to be counted in as well. Sometimes we musicians come to that desperate point where we feel that we will either determinedly keep on practicing and become skilled with that instrument (or voice), or trash the whole idea right then and there. Sometimes for me, the trashcan seems terribly tempting. Sound familiar? But wait! Before you choose to give up, there’s a bonus to being a musician! Creating music (in general) is scientifically proven to have a lot of benefits. Here is a cool little diagram originally shared by Sheet Music Plus on Google +.

Sound too amazing? Well then, good. Keep it up and good luck! 😉

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