My Testimony – The Full Version

As I said in a recent post, I felt strongly prompted to share my story. I did a very short version on The Day I Finally Gave Up. Here’s the long version. I can’t believe that I’m sharing this with you all, just to be perfectly honest. It makes me feel very vulnerable because it’s a very personal thing to me. 🙂

I may be only sixteen, but God has worked so much in my life. I have seen his power and felt his love in a true and personal way and I want to share that story with you. I’m not sure how to describe it all, but I’ll do my best. Continue reading “My Testimony – The Full Version”

A Present For My Grandma

My Grandpa Yoder was a dwarf. When he was a child, he was an adorable little Amish boy, with a little grin that would warm any heart. I’m sure if I could have known him personally, I would have been so absolutely proud that he was my grandpa (and I am), but I didn’t; he passed on to be with Jesus after a battle with skin cancer before my parents had met.So this Christmas, I drew a picture of him as a little boy for my Grandma Yoder. It was lots of fun, although I was pushed for time.

And yes, this is the fifth little boy that I’ve drawn in the past year with no little girls… say it’s about time I draw a girl? It’s next in line!

Grandpa Yoder (2).jpg

A little note: Don’t you dare tell me my grandpa was a “midget”, that feels like such a derogatory expression for the wonderful dwarfs that I’m privileged to be related to!

Philadelphia Digitals

Traveling… one of my favorite things. If I were able to fly at least three times a year, it would be perfect. But I can only dream of that. In the mean time of waiting for that elusive, dreamy future, I enjoy doing some on the ground travel to closer destinations.

My most recent adventure was a nice fall vacation to Philadelphia, Longwood Gardens, and the Eastern Shore with my amazing parents and sister in tow (Okay, I gotta give most of the planning credits to my sis… 😉 )

I don’t get much opportunity to photograph cityscapes, so I jumped on the chance. Unfortunately, most of the time I was shooting through the dirty van window which resulted in a lot of blurred or specked photos. 😦 Oh well! I was still able to capture some that I was pleased with.

(A note: I will be posting a lot more photos from Longwood gardens and the Eastern Shore, so stay tuned!)


Building a sky scraper!
Independence Hall


The scope used to create the Mason-Dixon line
The Liberty Bell with Independence Hall in the background


Drawing My Grandma

This is a follow up of my last post about my Grandma.

When my Grandpa’s birthday came up this year, I decided to draw a picture of Grandma for him. As I was drawing and shading, I became quite nervous about the outcome – she just didn’t look like the grandma I knew! I didn’t know what to do but keep on. And I’m so glad I did. As soon as I put her mouth in (I always do the mouth last), I suddenly saw my dear Grandma  looking back at me. It was a neat transformation of the picture I had just previously felt like throwing in the trash.

Here’s how it went:

The sketch
Easy part done!
My grandma?? um!

So here’s a bit of advice to any of you who are artists, and those who want to be but feel like you’re failing. Keep on until the picture is complete. If you put your mind to it, chances are slim that it will be a complete flop. Patience is something that any artist must have. Hours of work can turn a blank sheet of paper, into a beautiful picture.

“He that can have patience can have what he will.”

Benjamin Franklin

Something I do to keep my mind stimulated (and keep me from getting bored after thirty minutes), is to listen to music. But don’t listen to really fast or slow music. Fast music makes me feel like I can’t work fast enough and becomes overwhelming. Slow music drags me down until I feel like jumping up and down and throwing the picture at the wall. Figure out what works best with you, and good luck!