Kitten Pictures {2017}

Our family has had cats since the time I was four. We had an enormous problem with rats eating the chicken feed and someone told us we should get a mama cat. So we did, or, two mama cats that is, and two kittens.

I absolutely love cats. They’re my little buddies that shadow me around. As a fact, I’ve been dubbed “the cat girl” by some people. Continue reading “Kitten Pictures {2017}”

The Kitten

I love cats. And I especially love kittens. The kitten below was one of my favorites. She and her brother started out as sick little runts since their mother wasn’t doing well and we couldn’t get to them. After weeks of care, I was able to bring them to good health and seriously, she is one of the most beautiful cats we have. She is a white and tabby long furred cat with the sweetest personality.